ugh i just want to eat swedish fish and make a zine:

final project for my experience design class

Kailey Williams

Spring 2022

some of the zines that i made:

(links to the zine gallery page)

about the project

The idea of writing a summary of this project seemed scary to me so I’m gonna just do my own thing and make this be very informal. Cause at the end of the day, I really just need to get this done, and the project is about having fun and making things, so I’m gonna make this task fun for me so that I can actually get it done.

The inspiration for this project comes from… well like so so many things. My brain works by synthesizing all of the things I’ve ever found interesting and the things I research in order to create new things or like different approaches to problems. I think this is a very cool and useful skill to have but it makes comprehensively documenting my thought process and research essentially impossible. But I'm gonna do my best.

Here we go :D


The project is currently on display at the senior show in Galley 360. The presentation of the work is constructed with mostly found objects from my apartment (ex. ikea silverware divider things, a box I use to store art stuff, and random art materials). This decision was partially due to convenience, as I lacked the time and funding for the project to go out and find something more fancy. However it also serves the important function of breaking down some of the formality and expectations that are created by the context of an art gallery. By offering the viewer swedish fish and the opportunity to read through zines made by myself and others, I expect that may help to encourage the audience to not feel totally scared by the idea of making their own zine.


The primary goals of the project are to provide an opportunity for fun and for making a thing, as well as sharing your own experience and seeing your aspects of your experience reflected in zines made by others. Having struggled with my own mental health for awhile, I’ve probably heard the words “you are not alone” just so very many times. And like I recognize that that’s objectively true, but at the same time hearing that has at best no effect, and can maybe also make you feel worse about feeling alone. However, there is something about the experience of being heard and understood and being there and supporting others that can be incredibly helpful. Through this project I have shared small pieces of my own experience through the approachable medium of zines. I’d consider the project to be a success, based on the unprompted and informal positive feedback from some of my peers who’ve read the zines, and those who’ve expressed interest in making zines of their own.

how might we statement

How might we create the conditions for Northeastern students to enjoy making zines, looking through zines made by others, and/or eating swedish fish.


Here's some doodles of how someone could interact with the project.

feedback from my peers

The feedback I received from peers and friends was extremely helpful and encouraging. It indicated that there was an audience for a project like this and that it was likely to be successful. I asked classmates to make some zines if they had time during the second to last class, and their reflections on that experience were very positive and insightful.

inspiration for the zines i made and shared

a zine about a hard 24 hrs

This was a zine I made for this class in the middle of the semester. The project was to make an experience map about a walk, so I did that but in a way that felt interesting to me. Going through the experience over and over in my head, crafting the narrative, laying out the spreads, sketching and drawing it all took quite a lot of time and energy. In the end I am glad I took on this project, despite the effort required, as it is really cathartic and rewarding to see that experience on paper. There are aspects of the story that others have told me they've related to, which is also very cool

a zine about ducks

Someone apologized to me for not having their ducks in a row maybe two weeks ago and so I spent most of a weekend thinking about that and drawing ducks. I didn't initially know why, but it felt immensely important to figure out how to draw a very good duck. The result of this was a zine which I am very proud of, as the simplicity and approachable style communicate the meaning behind the work very effectively.

a zine that could be other zines

This is a zine I made to demonstrate in a physical and abstract way something I find interesting about quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. The zine is essentially a superposition of many many possible zines, as there are countless ways to cut and fold it, and it is only once you "measure" or fold the printed paper that it becomes a specific zine.

slide deck with some more things

I kinda ran out of time to add all the things to this site so here's my presentation that has a couple more things

final project for experience design

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also thanks to people who have participated by looking at the project and making zines, chatting with me about the project, participating in research things that helped to shape the project, etc. etc.

- Kailey :D